Today I got angry.

Today I got angry. My buttons were pushed. It happens. When was the last time you felt anger? Was it with the kids or your spouse? Maybe someone at work or on the road. We all get angry. Anger is a clear boundary marker for your protection and should be used just for that and not to intimidate, influence or to be heard. When anger is not acknowledged or expressed effectively it can be damaging to your relationships. It can destroy a marriage and it can hurt your children. Let’s not focus on the damage it can do, but rather its usefulness. Can anger be useful? Of course it can and here is how…. Anger can be used as a tool and help you to create deeper connections in your relationships.

Are you a waffle or a tree?

Let’s talk limit setting with children today. Yes, all the fun stuff about parenting. In reality, when we set clear, firm and loving boundaries we will make parenting more enjoyable--even fun. Well, maybe not at first if you have not been clear. Your child will push against that limit and test you to make sure you are serious. They want to know if we are really holding a safe space for them. They are not consciously thinking this but they are wired to need our guidance and limit setting is the vehicle. Setting limits may mean saying No to your child, but it does not always have to be. Setting a limit can look like, “You may drive your cars on the floor (as opposed to on the painted wal

The kids are asleep, ahh....

I love the release you get when you close the door or you see your child drift off to sleep and you have that moment of silence. Ahh.... It feels like a weight has been lifted a little. What do you do with all that freedom? Pass out yourself from exhaustion, laundry, prep dinner, veg out on social media or in front of the t.v.? Sometimes I do all of those things but more often than not these days, I make it a point to do something that is a priority for ME. This can be anything. Again, these days it may be writing for my business but sometimes it is getting in a quick workout, or...wait for it....take a shower! As parents we often put our needs last, and that can certainly lead us int
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