Pain vs. Pleasure: How we hold ourselves back using these two measures.

You know you need to make changes or do something but you just don’t do it. Why? Why do you put off committing to making that thing happen? Why do you continue to lay in bed at night telling yourself that tomorrow will be different? It is simple, really. You are linking what you have to do with pain. It feels more painful for you to do that something than it does to just keep putting it off. What if you linked more pain to not taking action? How would you feel if you did not change today? If your relationship/marriage did not change? What would happen to this relationship? How do you see things 3 months, 1 Year, or even 5 years from now if things do not change? What about parenting y

Decision Time

Today is the day. Today is the day for you to make a new decision about your life. You have been wanting things to be different. You keep telling yourself they will be. So why haven’t things changed? You are not making the right decisions in your life. You believe the choices available to you are all that you have. Either this or that. Your belief system is limiting the options available and therefore limiting your choices. Many folks just ride out life watching and reacting to what happens to them. Are you one of these people? It happens, but you no longer have to ride it out. You can be the driver of your life and motivate yourself in directions you only imagined. Use your imaginat

Is your need for certainty causing you stress?

One of our basic human needs is to feel safe and secure. This need for certainty drives our behaviors. We do whatever it takes to meet this need on a daily basis. Sometimes the vehicles we use to meet this need are not always positive. As a parent and a spouse, I know sometimes life can get a bit chaotic. This inconsistency, although may be welcomed by some, generally causes stress. You will find a way to reduce this stress. We are very creative creatures and even if we do it unconsciously, we will meet this need. What do you do when you need to feel comfortable? In control? Certain? Many moms that I hear from talk about how they feel bad when they yell at their kids or get frustrated

Getting Out The Door With Kids

Sometimes getting out the door with kids begs the question…Is it worth it? Sometimes it doesn’t matter because we just have to. Doctor appointments, school, family events…, heck it doesn’t matter if it is this amazing playdate planned for the playground that is for THEM! You still go through the challenges of saying over and over, and over again…”it’s time to go.” You may have even threatened to walk out the door in the hopes your little one will jump and do what is needed to get moving. Nope. Has this happened to you? Too many times to count I am sure. Why does it have to be so hard? I will tell you why. Your child is in his physical body and immersed in what he is doing. Whether it is
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