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I was trying. I really was. In my mind I wanted to complete the task but there was another part of me that was sending all kinds of defeating messages. “This is too hard. This is crazy. How did I get myself into this? What if I can’t do it? Maybe I should just give up now.” If I continued to think this way, I would never have been successful at what I was trying to accomplish. How often have you done this to yourself, too? It is a trap you push yourself into. Yes, you. You send messages to yourself that try to defeat you. Often this is out of a fear. Fear you are not good enough. Fear that you will fail. Fear that you will be unloved/unaccepted. Limiting beliefs can bring us dow

3 Steps to Minimize Anger In Your Relationship

A hot topic these days is anger management. Most people would agree that they do not like to get angry or be around someone that is . Most people feel bad or guilty after they have been angry or expressed it in a negative form. Some choose to ignore their feelings and deny that anything is bothering them or that they have done anything wrong. Everyone has different ways of dealing with their anger, but everyone gets angry. There are effective and ineffective ways for expressing anger that will make a difference in a relationship. Having healthy emotional boundaries will help you to keep your cool in your relationships. Emotional boundaries are the protective wall that defines where you b

How to create a new decision that will enhance your life & relationships.

Understanding our past can provide us with important information to propel us forward in our lives. It can be a source for learning about how we have come to make sense of things in our world and how all of our decisions have been influenced by what our mind believes happened to us. It is not that our experiences are not real. Your emotions around the past are real. They are your understanding of what happened and our emotions are what drive our decisions. We have all had situations that were not good growing up. I know this because every parent is perfectly imperfect. Of course some situations are worse than others, but as humans we all have the amazing ability to create a means to hel

How to break down blocks in your life, marriage and parenting.

From our very earliest memories we can learn much about what we have come to believe about ourselves, others and life. Our mind has many files inside, where every experience we have had, or not, stories we have heard, things we have seen, etc.…have been filed. From the information we have collected in a file, we create a belief. This belief, when we are certain and do not question the sources, guides our actions. How do you think someone that believes marriage should be easy, and naturally partners should get along if they love each other, would respond to couples therapy when things were not going as expected? Probably not be very open to the necessary effort required to work together. Ou
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