Tips for Reconnecting In Your Relationship

It is easy for distance to creep into relationships with the demands of living in our modern world. Whether it be kids, work, meetings, appointments, events….these things can all take away from time with loved ones. Let’s not forget screens. Television, computers, phones, tablets…they provide us with an escape in the hopes to feel connected. These outlets may entertain us but they certainly do not connect us. Sure you can Facebook with people you would otherwise have no contact with, but unless you deepen that relationship with time together and conversations, you will not feel a true connection. When you allow these distractions to come between you and another…. Slowly the two of you,

Love your spouse For Real challenge

With so many Facebook friends posting happy pictures with their spouses for the “7 Day Love Your Spouse Challenge,” I thought it would be even better and more inspiring if a twist was added. Of course sharing your loving photos is nice and all, and it is warming to see so many friends in some of their happiest moments, but what if you inspired others with your love in an even greater way? Would you participate? Would you post every day to show others your commitment and your desire to give love? So many couples feel the strain of every day pressures on them. Is your marriage strained by the stresses of family life, work, finances, children, etc.…? These are just some of the issues that a

How to assess for the needs of a child to improve behavior.

Our children are not bad, brats or spoiled. At least that is not why they act out. Some of what your child does is developmental and some has to do with their basic emotional needs not being met. When children act out, demand, tantrum, whine, hit, bite, etc.…this behavior should be a warning that signals to us parents/caregivers that this child needs something. No…it is not a slap or spanking. I say that because this is some of the advice I have heard given to myself and others. I don’t believe spanking is the answer. Kids learn EVERYTHING they see us do or hear us say. They watch our every move. If we hit, doesn’t this give them the idea that they can hit too? Depending on the age, y

A way to build your compassionate muscle with your child.

Finding compassion for our children when they are whining, having a tantrum, hitting, biting, demanding…can be difficult to say the least. But what if you had a tool that would help you to get to this place of compassion when it is most needed? A tool that would help you to respond versus react to your child. That would maintain the attachment and connection with your child. That would help you to feel confident and authentic in your role as a parent. Does this interest you? Let’s look at some reasons why children go to this place that can drive a parent mad. They may be tired, hungry, needing attention, love or connection. Maybe they are overwhelmed by the business and the “too much” o
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