Start small: How to start creating change in your life and relationships.

What is it that you want to change in your life? If you had to pick one thing that was most important to you RIGHT now, what would it be? Is it your relationships, the way you parent, your family’s life, your health…? Which is it for you? I ask because in order for you to create change you first need to decide what needs to change. Once you clearly identify the dissatisfaction, write it down. Read it and make sure that is exactly what you want to change. Now imagine…. Imagine a time when things are better. What will things be like when it changes? How will you know things are better? What will each person involved be doing differently? How will you feel and others that are involved? R

Just when you want to give up...don't!

There are times when you may want to give up on something. Maybe it is a project, a new behavior, a strategy with your kids, your job/business, a relationship or even your life. Giving up on your life is a major issue that needs to be addressed immediately. Please call someone you can talk to or the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Phone Number at 1-800-273-8255 (a suicide hotline). Having someone to talk to at this time is critical. Your situation may not be that serious but it is important to address and feelings of defeat. When a person feels like giving up, they have lost hope that there are other options for dealing with their situation. When we feel there are no options, we a

How to stop disempowering yourself and others.

One of the things that is holding you back in your life are the negative stories you choose to believe about yourself. These disempowering beliefs about oneself, limit the opportunities you see for making things happen and do not leave you feeling like the driver in your own life. You may also be helping to create disempowering stories in others, too. Do you want that to be happening, for yourself or those you care about? I doubt it. The interesting thing is that we can form these stories through just one or two experiences we have, which may not be the reality, especially the majority of the time. It is an induction process that we fall into. We all do it. Either you do this to yoursel
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