Now or Later: 4 Steps to get yourself motivated.

Do you should yourself often? Do you say, “I should do this or I should have done that?” You might tell yourself that you desire something in your life, yet nothing or not enough changes. But you should do it, right? You tell yourself you should. The problem….is motivation. This type of language is lacking any kind of motivation behind it. If you want something to change, there must be a must in there. “I must get that project done this week.” “I must lose the weight now.” “I must get a handle on dealing with the kid’s behavior today.” Try saying both ways and change out the words must and should. Do you hear the difference? Do you feel the difference? There is more power, energy and

Change your emotional state to influence yourself and others.

Not everyone likes to talk about emotions but they are what drive behaviors. The interesting thing about emotions is that they change and you can change what you feel when you want. Yes, you can choose! You might believe that emotions happen to you, but really you bring yourself to feel certain ways. You talk to yourself silently, and this plays a part in creating your emotional state. This is not the only contributing factor. Besides talking to yourself, you also know how to change your physiology and your posture to create certain emotions. Check it out for yourself. Find a mirror (preferably a long one where you can see your entire self). Looking at the mirror, begin to think about

Simplify and Connect: Tips to Build Relationships

When you want something these days, you can easily go on your phone and get whatever it is you desire. Whether it be a product, information, an answer, a date… You have access to so much in the palm of your hand. This is great and can make our lives easier in many ways, but it can also complicate things. Too much stuff can start to come between you and another person. I am not just talking clutter in your home. I am referring to all things, like activities, schedules, screens, social media, or whatever consumes you. For any relationship to be successful, there needs to be certainty. Certainty is created with predictability, security, a sense of knowing and feeling safe. It is a basic e
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