Gratitude & The Possibility for Change

Look anywhere on social media today and people are sharing that they are thankful. It is good to be thankful, it moves you into your higher self and taps into the most authentic part of you. Gratitude is an inherent quality in each of us and when expressed allows us to be open and make deeper connections. But, this is not an article about gratitude. Being grateful is certainly a great state to be in and life is precious so why not be grateful for it? We need to be thankful for each moment we have. Let’s be thankful today and every day. Let’s share our gratitude with everyone we cross paths with and those we love dearly. Let us also be thankful for today and embrace the opportunity to g

Step Up in Your Relationship

Are you turned off by the idea of having to work to make a relationship work? You are not alone if you do. Many people believe that when there is love you should not have to work at your relationship. This is a myth. By turning the work into just part of what you do naturally with each other, you will see a relationship improve, but it does take effort. What surprises me the most is that those that don’t want to put in the effort, usually will not because they don’t believe it should be that way, and end up wasting a lot of energy fighting or being unhappy. This is a low-level relationship where either it is all about “I” or about trading (i.e., I will give you this if you do this for m

How to give love and contribution when you are maxed out

We all have times when we feel like we are maxed out and have nothing left to give to others. You may feel like you are doing so much, so why give any more. Maybe you are thinking that you deserve some contributing to. This type of low level participation in relationships can be damaging. Raising the level at which you participate, by giving beyond yourself and contributing to others, is how we move into your higher self and a higher relationship state. It is from this place that we will feel the most fulfilled in our lives and relationship. When we operate from our primal state of fight or flight, we are more focused on creating a situation in which we will best survive. This is great when
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