Rituals: How to create pause, connection & reflection

The holiday season is upon us and you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed or stressed. Maybe you're not and have found a way to relax in the chaos of all the holiday happenings. One of the best things about the holidays are the traditions and rituals that you make take part in. Rituals are a great way to create pause, to connect and to reflect. So, I was thinking that this is the perfect opportunity to insert a new tradition with your family or even yourself. I know you probably have way too much going on already to have to add something else to your to do list, but rituals can actually help to slow you down and create that pause that is needed in the day to release the daily pressures. Ri

4 Questions to ask yourself when you feel like you have failed.

How many times have you done something that you could kick yourself for? Maybe it was something you said, the way you acted. You might have felt like it was a stupid mistake and beat yourself up over it. Done that before? I am sure you have. We all have or still do. How does this even make sense or help us? It doesn’t. We do not learn from beating ourselves up over what has already happened. But, we can learn from these experiences. Start by asking yourself smart questions. Questions that challenge you to grow, to move forward…to learn from. Question #1--What can I learn from this? This is a great one to start with. The way in which we see a situation is going to determine how we fe

One of the biggest reasons you may not be getting the change you desire.

I went to bed and made a decision that I would wake up the next day and put on a smile more often than not throughout the day. That I would think of things that bring me joy, and move in a way that made me happy. I planned to play with the kids more, dance, and sing with them. This was my plan. For the most part, my plan was successful. The day was much better than the day before. But I know, that each day will change and that in order for this to turn into a new habit each day moving forward, my reason for wanting it so badly had to be really clear. I had to know my WHY. In the past, you may have committed yourself to changing something in your life. Whether it was something as a par

The Perfect Time to Slow Down

With the holidays upon us the pressure of everything from entertaining, cooking, shopping decorating, and whatever other things you feel you need to do, builds. Eventually this pressure needs to release and let out the steam. As do we. My husband and I decided to invest in an electric power pressure cooker. I wanted to make a roast for family that was visiting and thought it would be a great tool. We ended up cutting our meat in half making it actually two pieces of a smaller cut. This changed the cooking time, but we did not think to adjust the time. As the cook time came to completion and we released the pressure valve, the steam shot out. We were so excited to see what we had creat
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