The Gratitude Frame: A Strategy for Mobilizing Your Life

When fear appears in our lives it can block us from moving forward. There are many different strategies to help you deal with fear. For one, you can identify at the root what beliefs contribute to the fear, when the belief developed, how it has impacted the decisions you have made in your life, and cultivate a new belief that is mobilizing. This is a great strategy…but not what I want to focus on today. I really want to talk about gratitude. I keep coming back to this as a strategy to use each and every day and in all kinds of situations. As a parent, I know that gratitude is what gets me through some of the most demanding days. When I forget to find gratitude, I become lost and focused

Focus on giving instead of getting: A lesson for parents.

One of the most difficult parts of being a mom is the constant demands day in and day out. Whether from the kids, spouse, work or other obligations, there is that feeling that no matter how much you do it is never enough and it never ends. You feel warn out and totally depleted. At the end of the day, you may (if you are lucky) sit back and think, “I can’t believe I have not stopped all day and I am exhausted.” Been there? I bet you have. We see ourselves as wanting it all and trying to make it happen. There is certainly nothing wrong with wanting more for yourself and your family, but at what expense? If you are feeling depleted and not taking care of yourself, how much do you really h

5 Tips to Help You Set Your Intentions and Commit

It is a new year and that means new year resolutions. It is so exciting at this time of year to think about your life in a new and positive light. To consider the possibilities for the future. How often do you think about the things you want versus the things you don’t want? Do you say to yourself “I don’t want to be unhappy anymore or I don’t want to be fat.” Maybe you say things like, “I am sick and tired of being tired all the time, or I am tired of yelling at my kids.” Whatever it is that you are tired of and no longer want in your life, the new year is an opportunity to focus on attracting all that you do want. You do not actually have to wait for the new year to do this but hey, i
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