Are you meeting the needs of your relationship?

Do you wonder why relationships don’t end up working out? Why couples end on bad terms? Why one or both sides want to give up? In order for relationships to be happy and successful, it does require that both parties feel that their needs are being met. In fact, a person may stay in a relationship even if it is not making them happy because at least one of their basic needs are being met. Add one or two other needs and it seems doable. Doable? This does not sound good at all! If most of a person’s needs are being met in the relationship, it is most likely the relationship will thrive and succeed. It is when needs are not being met that we see couples fighting and ready to end things, or

A handful of ways to stay connected this year in your love relationship.

It is easy for distance to creep into relationships today. Everyone is busy, busy these days. Running from one activity, or event, to the next. With all the meetings, appointments, events, and work getting in the way, time to connect may have gotten lost. By the end of the day, you probably just want to veg out and escape into a world of entertainment on the flat screen or surfing the web or social media. Somewhere down the line, the art of connection and communication got lost. The days of picking up the phone and making the time to connect with an old friend, or even your spouse during the middle of the day, may seem gone or maybe it is a "once in a while thing." Sending a quick text
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