I thought I was Superwoman, but I am really a Sovereign Queen.

A little over a year ago, my husband and I decided to move our family. It was a new adventure for us, but I did not realize that preparing for this move would shift things for me as profoundly as it did. At this time, I was in the early part of my second coach training program and supported by a group of like-minded woman. I had a lot going on as it was, between the program, building my coaching practice, being a mom to three young kids and managing our home. My husband was traveling quite a bit for work, and I had no family around me for support. I didn't realize it at the time, but I felt alone, exhausted and disconnected. I just thought this is what I 'should' be doing--all of it, a

Reset Your Relationship

Taking a look at your own part in your relationship may not be easy. It is always easier to see what your partner is doing or not. You need to become an observer. Step outside of your relationship and really take responsibility for your actions. Do you participate in potentially toxic behaviors? Which do you observe in your own actions? Check out some examples of toxic behaviors to help you with this. Now that you have recognized the things you do, whether you do them often or just once in a while, it is time to release these behaviors. Start by thanking them. Thanking behaviors that are toxic to my relationship, what?? Yes, they have been with you for a reason. Maybe you learned the
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