Are you willing to be vulnerable?

I believe that our relationships are crucial to our growth, and vulnerability is essential to having healthy, strong and supportive relationships. It is not easy to be vulnerable. Many of us were not taught how to have clear boundaries and how to get our needs met most effectively. You probably found ways to cope with not getting your need met by your original caretakers to help you to survive. Unfortunately, these coping mechanisms serve us up until a point, usually allow us to be successful in a career, but not successful in love. Why? Because... When we are in survival state, we are guarded, and less willing to be vulnerable. Without vulnerability you do not have intimacy. When you

When we simplify, we connect, and we inspire.

Simplify. Connect. Inspire. These three words inspire me daily. I share them with my clients as a way of being in their lives and relationships. In today’s modern world where everything is so fast-paced, and we are bombarded with the messages that we need more, leaves many of us feeling overwhelmed, disconnected and unfulfilled. You received messages very early on about what life is, relationships are and who you should be. You built your life on these beliefs that may no longer be serving you or your relationships. Your beliefs guide your decisions and actions and are key to understanding why you do what you do and also your patterns. You are human so you are naturally drawn to what i
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