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Couples & Individual Psychotherapy Services





Individual Therapy

Psychotherapy services address mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression.  My approach to such issues is systemic, meaning I look to understand the symptom(s) within the context of relationships. 


Did you know that people in your life (especially important relationships like a spouse or family member), can be responding to you in ways that support the continuation of your symptoms?  Or your symptoms could be supporting a pattern in your relationships out of an unconscious fear of the consequences of any change, therefore keeping you, and the relationship stuck. 


Fascinating, right?

If you are motivated to make a change, I can help you to identify the pattern and then hold firmly to make the changes desired.  If you are in a Couple relationship and your partner is not willing to come in, no worries, you can do the work for both of you.  You can change your part and in effect change the entire relationship dynamic.  

Don't worry, I support you through the process and how to deal with counter moves from your partner to keep things the same.  Making changes to old familiar patterns can be scary, and you don't need to feel alone in it.  I support you through the entire process.


Couples Therapy

Psychotherapy services are available for dealing with issues that arise between couples who are either dating, married, or engaged to be married. Being a successful couple means taking into consideration our partner's needs and desires while at the same time not forgetting about our own individual needs. Couples often lose sight of what it means to be a couple and get lost in a constant battle with each other. Brief therapeutic services are offered to help couples break down unhealthy couple patterns of interacting and work on developing positive relationships.

I will help the two of you create the space to have the difficult conversations, to be honest with each other and build in greater intimacy for the long term.  

To be successful, you both have to want to make a change.  It is not always easy but the willingness and motivation make for greater change.  I support and guide couples through the entire process and create a safe space for you both to grow your relationship. 


Group Therapy

Groups are available for the person that does not like to participate in individual therapy and more open to large group settings. Groups offer support and nurturing for members to deal with even the most difficult problems. All groups require the full participation of members and offer an opportunity for those to develop lasting connections.


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