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"A new wave of feminine consciousness is flooding onto the planet in a wild current that is quickly bringing great change." ~Azra Bertrand, M.D.

In Sister Circles, a space is created for women to be held in all their essence.  They come and experience what it feels like to be seen, to have their voices heard, and at the same time be loved and accepted in all of who they are.  Women show up in in all their "messiness" from life, they show up in celebration and come to honor it all.  

It is inclusive.  We do not compare.  We are all mirrors of each other and offer reflections that empower and allow each of our lights to shine brightly.

I personally have learned how to move through shame and allow myself to show up, be vulnerable and more authentic.  

Imagine a world where we all can all be more authentic.

Imagine a world where both the feminine and masuline qualities are honored and in balance.  

Imagine a world where we know empathy and connection with others is as important as the size of our bank account.

We learn how to be in healthy relationships in circle.  By practicing self-love & forgiveness, we show up.  We create a sacred space to give voice to what is calling to us deep inside.  

"If you are not heard you are not seen."  ~Tarana Burke

When a woman is seen for who she is, she is free.  We are not meant to be confined. We are meant to be wild and free.  The collective 

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