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Simplicity In The New Year

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Simplicity Parenting Virtual Group


Would you like 2018 to be different for yourself and your family? 
Would you like.....

I want you to join me!

You do not have to be alone Mama. 

You deserve more peace. 

You deserve to have children that are calmer and happier.  

  • more time for self care and yourself?


  • more space in your life for connection with your family and friends? 


  • to simplify your home environment and schedules to create more ease and less rush?


  • to feel confident about your decisions for your family and what you will or will not allow into your home?


  • to preserve the childhood of your little ones?

If you answered yes to any of these questions,

JOIN me and other Moms for  

a 7-week exploration of the

4 Realms of Simplicity Parenting in a Virtual Group

Starting on February 1st, 2018 


The run down of how the group is structured: 

  • For 7 weeks on Thursdays at 12pmEST,  we will meet virtually on a call for 60-90 minutes;

  • Calls will follow a flow of warmth (checking-in & celebrations), light (SP Lesson & conversation), movement (questions, coaching & planning), and reality (grounding change & wrapping up);

  • Each week you will receive a parent handbook to guide you through the material and includes a review of each chapter from the Simplicity Parenting book, space for reflection, resources and an opportunity to plan for the change process.

  • There will be space during each call for questions and receiving personal coaching from me during these calls.

  • You will have access to a private Facebook group so that you can connect with the other Moms to give and receive support, and more accountability.  I will also be popping into the group.

  • Email support from me throughout the program.

Benefits of joining ...
  • more confidence as a parent
  • fewer tantrums and battles with your child
  • less stress around meal times because you will know what you are preparing and so will your child
  • fewer battles at meals 
  • smoother transitions with your child
  • more time for family and yourself
  • feeling calmer and less rushed
  • downtime for your child
  • a more creative child in his/her play
  • cleaner spaces in the home that support calm and creativity
  • fewer toys and less clean up
  • quality time with your child
  • clearer boundaries in the home
  • Clear delineation between parents and child
  • secure attachment relationships
  • a parenting style that is authentic 
  • a child that knows s/he is loved, respected and happy
  • a community of moms that support your desire to simplify, you in your truest version of yourself (both messy and amazing), and provide mutual inspiration

And here are some Bonuses for making a decision and acting on it now:

Fast Action Bonus

Sign Up and Pay by 12pmEST on Thursday, January 18th

  • Receive 2 Free 1:1 coaching hours with me during the group course

  • A copy of the Simplicity Parenting Book: Using the Extraordinary Power of Less to Raise Calmer, Happier, and More Secure Kids. 

  • Total Value of $600 Plus

Cost $299 

or 3 Payments of $110

Can't make a decision?

You can still join after January 18th!

You still get the Free copy of the Simplicity Parenting Book: Using the Extraordinary Power of Less to Raise Calmer, Happier, and More Secure Kids. 


Cost  $299

or 3 payments of $110
The bonus carts will close on January 27th at 12pmEST.
You can still join!
Cost $399
or 3 payments of $145

Join me!

Start the year off with the intention for more simplicity, ease and connection. 

Create the space and time for you and your family to enjoy life.  

Build in the rhythm and rituals that create ease, flow and safety for your children.

Reduce the overwhelm that leads to meltdowns and tantrums.  

​Find your authentic parental voice and feel empowered. ​