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Relationship Guidance for Couples & Individuals

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Hi, I'm Cari. I want you to know that you don't have to feel alone. I am here to support you and your most important relationships.
I believe our relationships provide the backdrop for personal growth and, therefore, the issues that arise as a perfect opportunity to connect more authentically. 
Life with your spouse or partner may feel hard right now or even hopeless. You may be unhappy or dissatisfied with your marriage or partner.
It doesn't have to be this way. There is so much to learn from what is happening in your relationship(s)
Relationships can be messy and challenging. Like most of us, you probably didn't learn healthy relationship skills or how to resolve conflict. You may have fallen into common traps and pitfalls that all relationships experience. Navigating these dynamics is not easy because of the emotional investment. It would help if you had a different perspective to pull you back and out of the old cycle. 
There is nothing wrong with reaching out for support. Feeling supported and resourced makes difficult situations more comfortable to move through
And, you must move through it. All of it to learn and grow. 
You don't need to figure it out on your own any longer.  I will coach you and provide you with the tools & practices to be successful.
I am your guide if you want to learn: 
  • effective communication
  • practices for connecting more authentically 
  • increased trust &intimacy
  • a greater sense of self in your relationship(s)
  • Clearer boundaries and expression of needs
  • how to keep growing both the relationship and self 
I am someone to help you sift through the muck on the surface and get to the deeper core issues that are keeping your relationship(s) stuck.  
Schedule a call with me to get to know each other and chat about how I can help.  

Want to get started now?

Request my Tips on How To Create Deeper Connections in Your Relationships!

It is Free and my gift to you to help you get started.

What client's have to say:

After my divorce, I had difficulty communicating my feelings and trusting myself with relationship choices. My negative, fear-based thoughts lead to stress and anxiety.  I felt comfortable with Cari and sharing the details of the challenges I was facing.  With her support, I was able to identify negative thought patterns and communicate my needs by setting healthy boundaries with my partner. I was provided strategies, as well as several resources that lead me to open up to receiving love. I am now able to recognize my thoughts and communicate them with my partner before letting them take over. I feel so much more confident in myself and my relationship and now have peace of mind.  I’m excited to experience the continual growth of my relationship.

-Jennifer, 41 years old

Cari helped us to grow so much as a couple because of the many tools and techniques she gave us.  At the time we were just dating and now we are married and expecting our first child. 

~Eve and Mark

Free 20 minute phone consult

As a couple, we found ourselves in a position where we both needed help and guidance with our marriage.  Cari provided us with the tools that we needed to repair our relationship and rediscover the importance of our life together.  She also was able to help us as individuals, so that we could re-establish the bonds that had weakened over time.

Having been married for more than thirty years, we had slowly drifted apart and had forgotten how much we needed to give to each other in order to be truly happy.  The emotional distance that had grown between us was so great that infidelity entered the marriage.  We were at a breaking point, but both knew that we weren’t going to give up without asking for help.  Cari led us through the rebuilding process, and now we are stronger as a couple than we have been in years.

We re-discovered how much we mean to each other and how much we bring to each other’s lives.  The time that we spend together is richer now that we are taking better care of each other.  We’re both happier with how we treat each other.  And, life is more fun now that we focus on each other’s needs.

~ John 55 & Amy 56 married 33years

"I am thankful that I found you at the most devastating time of my life. Words can not express the gratitude I have for you! I will always remember what you said to me.  I will always take a step back and make sure I am taking care of myself. I am now the number one person in my life, ME first. You have made me realize if I’m not happy, I can not make anyone happy. I will never lose myself again.  I love myself and my new life. I believe that God has given me a second chance. The next chapter of my life will be filled with laughter and, if possible more love for those close to me.  I’m strong and independent; these are qualities I knew I had but, never to this degree."

~AnnMarie 55

Cari impacted my life by giving me the tools and a new perspective to change things for myself and my relationship.  I learned to pay attention to what I needed, take actions, and be accountable.  She helped me get clear on what I was I was trying to say and my intentions.  She helped me peel back layers and dig deeper, and it was always so interesting to see what I would uncover about myself. Now I have a list of what I can do to stay on track and keep practicing.  Anyone who is feeling “stuck” or needing clarification on where they want their life to go, whether in a job, relationship, or individually, I would recommend working with Cari. She honestly cares and will help you reach your goals, but it does require work on your end, too. 

~ Eliz 38


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