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The Best + Simplest Tool To Create Ease Around Meal Planning

I am a busy mom of three boys and run my own business. I am the CEO of my household and my company. That is a lot to hold. When it comes to feeding my family, I always dread that question, "what should I cook tonight?"

For many years, I would ask myself this question, go through my recipes in my mind, picture what items I had (because going to the fridge or pantry would take too much effort) and then try to come up with someone. Sometimes I would be crazy enough to make a quick run to the market to get what I needed. Even if it meant putting my strong-willed toddler in his car seat 2x to do this.

One day, I came across this cool post on Pinterest on a meal planning board, and it gave me an idea. I love simplifying my life because honestly, there is a lot to overwhelm us these days. Knowing what to cook for dinner is the last thing I want to feel bogged down with. I wanted a rhythm to our meals so that we could feel the ease of the sacred meal together because Mommy is less stressed and everyone knows what to expect. I love the certainty this creates for all of us!

Watch the video I created for you where I walk you through the best tool for making meal planning easy. It is simple, and you can make it more beautiful with crafts. For me, the more simple, the better.

Watch my video and share! Does this sound doable? What ideas come to you? Have you tried it, how is this tool working for you? Please share in the comments below, or join the conversation in my FB group Simplicity for Moms or on my page @coachcarisans.

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