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How to quiet the noise and listen to your heart.

Clutter is everywhere. It is in our inboxes, our homes, our minds. It is sometimes loud and calling out in all different directions. If you are a woman, you know full well that all these things talk to us. You should do this or that and it just adds to our already full plates. I get overwhelmed with it all and when I do, I get a soul fever. Soul fever was coined by Kim John Payne in his book, Simplicity Parenting. Sure, I see it happen in my children, and I also see it happen for me.

A soul fever is an emotional response from the pressures of the outside world. In children, it may look like a tantrum, disobedience, whining, crying or that something is just not right with them. In adults...well, I believe it is not a whole lot different. I can admit I have a tantrum every now and again. I can become irritable, short, frustrated easily. At times, I just want to hide and run away from it all. Do you ever experience any of this?

During a soul fever, we are at odds with our true selves. Uncertain about who we are. Disconnected to our center (for kids that is us--the parent). It is at these moments you must recognize the call. There is a voice inside of you that is calling for you to slow down, and to listen. We need to be able to hear it and respond.

In a world where everything is fast paced and little room for any patience, we often miss the calling in our hearts. You say to yourself, "I will rest later when this or that is done." Believe me; I am no stranger to sitting down at 10 o'clock pm and realizing that it was the first time I sat all day. We get sucked into the vortex of being Super-beings. Heck, I have my cell phone, and I can get a whole lot done if you give me the time on it.

When you get caught up in the chaos of life, you become disconnected from yourself. Your true desire. You can't hear what is in your heart. As a parent, this makes it hard to respond to my children from an authentic, heart-centered place. It confuses you and others. You don't know who you are anymore. You may say yes to more things that you don't desire to commit to. You stretch yourself in search of what might be good when you need to quiet everything around you.

Simplifying your life is one way to remove the noise. You can start by reducing the amount of stress in your life and creating white space in your day.

"Simplification is about stripping away the distractions and clutter that monopolize our attention and threaten our connection." -Kim John Payne, Simplicity Parenting

You are not alone in this. We live in a world of noise. We are witnessing the disconnection in relationships all around us as a result of a multitude of distractions coming at us daily. I am here to support you and have created a tool that can help. CHECK OUT my list of a Dozen Tips to Manage Overwhelm and Create More Ease.

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