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I recognized my plate was full.

I can't believe it was almost two years ago. I remember it so distinctly. I was raising three young boys, mostly by myself since my husband was traveling for work. Managing, cooking, cleaning, you name it, and on top of all this, I was starting to branch out into the world of private practice again. I was finishing up the final pieces of my coach certification, and I wanted to start seeing clients once again.

My plate was full, and I was so unsure about how to move forward with my practice, and I knew for sure, it was time to get help. I was about to hire a business coach when I came across the Mentor Masterclass Holiday Challenge. Coach Jey, who would later become my coach, mentor, and friend, was talking about bringing in self-care practices, sisterhood, feminine leadership, etc.

I had this gut feeling that I needed to be part of this challenge.

I spent the next 21 days among many women, in this challenge. Taking time for myself was not easy during the busy holidays. It was so much easier to say, "I will get to it when I get to it." It was easier to put the kids, work, the house, and everything first. It was becoming evident to me that in all my efforts to "do" that I forgot about an essential piece of the puzzle--myself. I was used to pushing through, thinking I will slow down as soon as I can, that I needed to do it all, and do it myself.

A month later, I committed to receiving more support, and I started working with Coach Jey in one of her programs. What I didn't expect to happen was the realization of how deep a safe space is to grow.

This sounds insane to me. I am a therapist for crying out loud. I hold a safe space for my clients every time I am with them. Of course, this is important! The thing that changed for me was that I felt the power of this support. Remember, I was of the mindset that I had to do it and do it alone.

It has not been easy to allow support into my life. There were many times when I held back when I was afraid to ask, felt like I was burdening others or I was complaining. All I was doing was hurting myself. I could not fully grow or be myself. It was me hiding behind a mask. Trying to be someone I did not need to be anymore.

Who am I, is a powerful question. Have you asked yourself this lately? I continue to unveil the truth for myself with this question. The support of people around me that are capable of holding a space for me to show up complaining, vulnerable, and dark has allowed me to move through this process. When they celebrate the moments when I have stepped into my authenticity, and doing what it is that fulfills me, I know I am home.

I realize now that NO one is meant to do it alone. We all need support. We need someone to hold us in when we are vulnerable. That holding, support, and love will free you. It will give you clarity.

In a world constantly filled with "too" much, we can lose clarity. We lose focus on what matters because we are trying to be too many things or we are so confused about what we really want.

Turn down the noise. Shut down the screens. Go IN for some time.

Remember, you don't have to do it alone. Part of what I do with my clients is helping them cultivate the support they need, specifically in their relationships. It is through this support that you will heal and grow. I believe we can heal within our relationships when we get what we need.

Recently, Coach Jey interviewed me and spotlighted Cari Sans, Coach & Therapist. You can learn more about my work and catch the interview at here.

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I will only be offering these Free sessions for one more month, so grab one now before the holiday season begins.

Visit my calendar for dates and times available.

I am grateful for the support that I have cultivated for my life, and I am clear that you can do this too.

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